Microflor reuse irrigation water

Sustainability as part of our DNA

At Microflor, sustainability is not an empty buzzword or PR strategy. Sustainability is in our nature, a philosophy deeply entrenched in our DNA. Each day, we are striving to improve the wellbeing of people and our environment, in several different ways.

As a subsidiary of Floré Group, the team at Microflor are committed to responsible, sustainable investment – a mission we take very seriously. Our commitment to sustainability began some 20 years ago when Floré Group established a clear vision on promoting the wellbeing of people and our environment.

The seed of sustainability was planted 20 years ago

In 1997, Floré Group launched an internal document outlining the company's corporate vision. Some quotes: “As a business, we play an important social role. The wellbeing of our employees is our number one priority. However, profitability is another key factor behind the concept of sustainable investing.

That is why we continue to develop activities that will yield a profitable return not only now but also in the future, while respecting the environment and our natural resources at the same time. We ask all our subsidiaries to reduce waste production, use the right products for our plants, and limit the use of fossil fuels.”

Looking back, these words seem almost prophetic. Today, corporate sustainability is built on the exact same social, economic and environmental principles.

A corporate group promoting sustainable practices

At Microflor, we strive to incorporate the meaning of sustainable investment into everything we do. In 2016, we put together a whole new sustainability policy, endorsed by the Board of Directors. The key topics covered in the policy are energy, waste, water, mobility, new developments and redevelopments.

But even before then, we were taking concrete steps to ensure that sustainability is incorporated at all levels of our organisation. Some examples:

  • we switched from using heating oil to gas;
  • we capture and reuse irrigation water;
  • we invest in biological pest control;
  • our buildings and greenhouses are energy efficient.

Based on these and future improvements, we will be able to become a 100% environmentally friendly organisation. Our ultimate ambition? Reducing our ecological footprint to zero by the year 2030.

“Our ambition is Mission Zero. Microflor commits to sustainable practices in balance with nature. The ultimate goal is to reduce our ecological footprint to zero by the year 2030.” Febe Floré, Managing Director at Microflor

Fostering sustainable growth together

Microflor is not alone in its mission: Floré Group as a whole is supporting these sustainability ambitions. The best results are achieved when everyone is involved, even beyond the subsidiaries of the group. Our suppliers are equally committed to improving our environmental performance.

All our employees share this commitment to sustainability and contribute to our waste separation and recycling efforts. Of course, our mission of sustainability is about much more than transitioning into a 100% environmentally friendly organisation. We believe strongly in this mission because it helps us support our clients in achieving their goals and ambitions. Providing ecologically sustainable products is a key element in running a sustainable business operation.