We supply plants with the highest margin for you as a customer

We think along with you. Our product mix has a quality/price ratio that allows you as our customer to achieve the best margin.


How do we guarantee this balance?

  • Through the competitive purchase cost of cuttings and plugs.
  • Through competitive cultivation costs – thanks to reliable deliveries you can count on, our guarantee of limited failures during production, potentially faster growing times and the extensive testing of our varieties before delivery. Our comprehensive data sheets for each variety also allow you to transparently estimate test results. Which means no unpleasant surprises at the end of the journey.
  • Through higher sales prices you can charge for Microflor products. We strongly focus on improved productivity in terms of branching and the number of buds, as well as on the uniformity of your end product. We also try to offer specific colours and concepts that allow you to charge higher prices.


All growth sprouts from cooperation

We make things as easy as possible for you as a customer, both at a practical and administrative level. No hassle, just clear communication and a transparent process from trial order to delivery. The right product, in the right quantities at the agreed time. Should something come up after all, we’ll work together proactively to find the best possible solution. And always with a smile.


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