Your success as a grower depends primarily on the quality and variety of your range. For this, you can trust in our plant varieties with strong market potential. Phalaenopsis, Helleborus or Gloxinia give you the highest returns thanks to their growth performance and exceptional properties.

How do we live up to our promise? Innovation is our driving force, research and years of expertise our fuel. The Microflor breeding team uses the latest breeding techniques in our own state-of-the-art laboratories and greenhouses.

We test, assess, retest and inspect until we’ve cultivated a variety with the desired properties. A data-driven trajectory that results in a detailed product sheet for each variety. Only the genetics that offer the highest returns survive our tough selection process. That means maximum growth. Not just in the lab or the greenhouse, but also in your market.

For you as a grower, this means security. The guarantee of a wide range of highly productive varieties, prime quality and a smile for your customers.


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Microflor breeding

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