Most phalaenopsis growers have encountered the problem of root damage caused by larval Lyprauta gnats, commonly referred to in the industry as ‘pot worms’. Arne Steelandt, Quality Control and R&D Coordinator at Microflor , has solid expertise in dealing with this pest and shares some useful...
Microflor reuse irrigation water
At Microflor, sustainability is not an empty buzzword or PR strategy. Sustainability is in our nature, a philosophy deeply entrenched in our DNA. Each day, we are striving to improve the wellbeing of people and our environment, in several different ways. As a subsidiary of Floré Group, the team at Microflor are committed to responsible, sustainable investment – a mission we take very seriously. Our commitment to sustainability began some 20 years ago when Floré Group established a clear vision on promoting the wellbeing of people and our environment.
Klantendagen 2017@ Microflor
The last three weeks of June are always a busy time of year at Microflor. For the fifth year in a row, Microflor is hosting its annual client days – the perfect opportunity for growers to view our wide range of plants up close and for us to get more feedback from customers.
What started off as a hobby in his teenage years quickly turned into a true passion. Pieter Colpaert, R&D Manager at Microflor, talks about how he elevated plant tissue culture to a form of art.
“By sorting the plantlets, Microflor gives us the best possible start in growing these plants. It helps create a uniform growth pattern for the gloxinias at our nursery.”