Working at Microflor means working for an international company with a family character. The best of both worlds, in other words. Innovation is in our DNA, as is caring for each other and our environment. We look ahead without losing sight of important values like cooperation, integrity, innovation and ambition. This creates the safest foundation for (continued) growth. Just as our plants develop into beautiful orchids thanks to the right care and environment, all our employees have the opportunity to grow and develop. To flourish.

Our values

At Microflor, we set great store by our values. To make them grow, we rebranded them in a quirky and plant-loving way! We proudly present our home-grown values:

Ambitius positivus.jpg

Ambitius Positivus

Driven by enthusiasm. Roll up your sleeves and make things better. All aboard with change as our green motor. A distinct mentality: positive thinkers who see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty. Carpe diem like an orchid reaching for the sun.

Sound familiar? Join us


Collectivus formidabilis_.jpg

Collectivitus Formidabilis

You can go far alone, but you’ll go further together. Put all talents – everyone's expertise or background, with no distinction and with mutual respect – in a test tube. Shake well and be sure to learn from each other. The result? A formidable team.

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Innovatus originalis.jpg

Innovatus Originalis

Innovation and expertise are deeply rooted within our company. You can feel it in every fibre of our being. Innovation is never a solo endeavour: you need other people for it. And freedom too. That’s when you can really start pushing the envelope. Original and ‘out of the plug’ ideas.

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Integritus optimus.jpg

Integritus Optimus

Sincerity. Honesty. Authenticity. Here, everyone is free to just be themselves. As a result, everyone feels good and comes to work brimming with enthusiasm. With a healthy work-life balance. And the right soil to grow in whichever direction best suits their personality. Then that famous smile will appear all by itself.

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These are the people that Microflor wants to attract and retain. Sound familiar?

Why not join us? Who knows, you might be the next Microflor magnificus!


Why work at Microflor?

Are you looking for a workplace that puts people and nature first? Where you are given opportunities to grow and develop? Where every smile is genuine and all colleagues, from lab or greenhouse staff to office workers and bioscientists, are rightly proud of their product or contribution?

You’ve come to the right place: smile and apply!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Flat organisational structure. What you see is what you get. No hassle, just clarity.
  • Focus on the person behind the employee. Wellbeing is a priority for us, not just today but also within the next 30 years.
  • Healthy work-life balance.
  • Freedom. Plenty of scope for initiative and personal input.
  • Focus on personal development and growth.
  • A local Belgian company with an international reputation.
  • Sustainability. We minimise our ecological footprint. How? Charging stations for electric cars and bicycles, solar panels and reusable water bottles are just a few examples. View the full picture here.
  • Varied work environment: laboratories, greenhouses, offices...
  • Easily accessible from both Antwerp and Ghent.

And, last but not least, a whole team of friendly and motivated colleagues. Meet the Microflor magnifici below.


Where do your colleagues work?

Working at Microflor means working in a diverse environment with a wide range of profiles and functions. For some positions – bioscientists, for example – you need a specific degree. For other functions, you don’t. Your hands are an important instrument and patience is a definite virtue. A love of plants and people is a must. An eye for detail is a nice bonus. Not to mention a sense of wonder and a desire to grow, just like our plants.


An overview of our departments:


In the R&D department (research lab) and testing ground in Lochristi, researchers and lab technicians develop new plant varieties. Our breeders use both conventional and modern cultivation techniques, which have evolved over the years from being more intuitive to being strongly data driven. Developing and launching a new phalaenopsis orchid variety, for example, takes no less than 7-9 years!

Microflor Breeding

Propagation in the lab

In our production labs in Lochristi and Slovakia, we propagate plants on a large scale using in vitro technology. From a single plant to thousands of high-quality clones. Each plant begins with a high-tech, sterile cutting process that involves a great deal of precision work. With the right growing medium and under controlled conditions, each piece of tissue will produce a small plant! 

Microflor propagation


In our greenhouses in Lochristi, we let the small plants from the lab grow into young plants. In these greenhouses, plants grow in highly controlled conditions (light, nutrition, etc.) until they’re ready to be dispatched to our customers – the growers who bring the plants to flower.

Microflor Acclimatisation


Supporting services

Several teams at Microflor make everything run smoothly: supply chain, engineering, technical service, finance, HR, IT, sales & marketing...

Microflor Labo

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