Asian Coral - Spring Juwel

Living Coral & Neon Green: the trends of the moment!

Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid and yes, Microflor too agree that if you want to be in fashion, you can’t be seen without the colours ‘Living Coral’ and ‘Neon Green’. Not only are these shades more common on the catwalk these days, they are also found in many interior design trends. For example, Living Coral was voted the colour of 2019 by the Pantone Color Institute. 

But if you want to be in, there’s no need to pick up a paintbrush; these trends can simply be integrated into your living room or wardrobe through the use of accessories. For example, armchairs, duvet covers and bottles in living coral are everywhere these days and can be found in every trendy interior store. You can also turn to Microflor for a unique accessory to spice up your interior: Asian Coral Phalaenopsis. With its soft yet vibrant colour, Asian Coral succeeds in brightening up any space. In addition, this variety has been one of Microflor's star products for several years. 

Spring Jewel brings Microflor completely into line with the Neon Green trend. Vogue used the colour so much in January that it became ‘the winter's hottest trend’, and we are all too happy to extend that trend to the range. Spring Jewel is lively, fresh and an excellent choice for anyone who loves an eye-catcher. 

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